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Colt Pride runs deep at CMS! We are made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions. 

Interested in open board positions? Contact us!


  • President - Berri O'Neal Gormley - president@cmscoltspta.org
  • President Elect - Vacant
  • VP of Programs  - Liz Payne - vp_programs@cmscoltspta.org
  • VP Ways & Means - Angela Greenlaw - vp_waysandmeans@cmscoltspta.org
  • VP of Membership - Alli Kelso - membership@cmscoltspta.org
  • VP of Hospitality - Annie Dries - vp_hospitality@cmscoltspta.org
  • VP of Volunteers - Dawn Hall - volunteer@cmscoltspta.org
  • Secretary - Lisa Sturgeon-Hewitt - secretary@cmscoltspta.org
  • Treasurer - JoAnna Avakian - treasurer@cmscoltspta.org
  • Parliamentarian - Jill Nelson - parliamentarian@cmscoltspta.org


  • VP Membership Assistant: Gynette Berning
  • VP Ways & Means Assistant: Kathleen Bundy
  • VP Hospitality Assistant: Julie Sullins
  • VP Volunteers Assistant: Deven Barry
  • Arts in Education: Corrie Lanagan
  • Board of Trustees Liaison: Monica Ray
  • Campus Beautification: Emreen Ali
  • Campus Beautification Assistant: Mark Alphonso
  • Classroom Needs: Jennifer Shepherd
  • Colt Rewards: Tanya Rozycki
  • Community Service Liaison: Stacee Nordell
  • Cotillion Chair: Tamaron Hunt
  • Cotillion Chair Assistant: Stephanie Wilkerson
  • Curricular Programs Chair: Stefania Meyer
  • Dads' Club: Scott Payne
  • Destination Imagination: VACANT
  • Diversity Council: Judy Carter
  • Environmental Science: Adrienne Mears
  • GCIDS Council PTA Rep/Advocacy: Challee Garland 
  • Geography/Spelling Bee Coordinator: Vanessa Kastler
  • Healthy Lifestyles: Alison Williams 
  • Library Coordinator: Reema Noorani
  • Library Coordinator Assistant: Carla Schroeder
  • Scholarships/Mini Grants Chair: Vanessa Steinkamp
  • School Supplies: Jessica Raijian 
  • Website/Social Media Coordinator: Kim Kennedy
  • 8th Grade Celebration Chair: Tammy Sparks

























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